Television Ratings....stumped

<b>I was looking through and I came across this article. I generally dont give a floppy shiznit about this kind of stuff but…

look at this and hopefully you can answer my question</b>

Prime-time ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research for January 27 - February 2.

  1. “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” 16.6 million homes
  2. “Friends,” 16.3 million homes
  3. “American Idol-Wednesday, (tied)” 14.3 million homes
  4. “ER, (tied)” 14.3 million homes
  5. “American Idol-Tuesday,” 13.7 million homes
  6. “Joe Millionaire,” 12.1 million homes
  7. “CSI: Miami,” 11.2 million homes
  8. “Everybody Loves Raymond, (tied)” 11.1 million homes
  9. “Scrubs, (tied)” 11.1 million homes
  10. “Without a Trace,” 10.8 million homes.

How do they determine the ratings? Does your cable box actually send a signal back to your cable company telling them what you are watching? I dont see how privacy acts would allow that. I dont think they use poll, because it would be insanely inaccurate.

I dunno if you know please let me know I am curious

I’ve been wondering about this too…

I <i>think</i> [SIZE=1]and don’t quote me on this[/SIZE] that a certain number of selected people have a box attached to their TV, which is monitored. Each one box represents about 1000 or so people. They get the figures from that. Allegedly.

I belive Kitiara has hit the nail on the head :slight_smile:

They have a ton of people with them and then they just average out the ratings. Thing is - I have never met anyone with one of those boxes… or maybe I have and it just hasnt come up in coversation - I just dont know :slight_smile:

I do belive Kit is right. They are called Neilson familys. I think you get free cable if you alow them to moniter your tv.

hmmm…thats interesting

Do these people know that thier television habbits are being recorded?

I dont think I like the idea of my tesevison being monitored.

I hope I am not the 1 out of 1000

I do like the idea of free cable

Yep they know they are being moniterd. They sign up for it.

Yeah, I always wondered that as well - guess I learned something new as well! :q:

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**Yeah, I always wondered that as well - guess I learned something new as well! :q: **

yay!! a first for the random section!!! w000t!!!

i hate these stupid reality tv shows, HATE HATE HATE

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**i hate these stupid reality tv shows, HATE HATE HATE **

I second that motion, I hate them SOOOOOOOOOOO much. They make me sick