Tell Target Trauma

After following through the tutorial steps in Advanced rollovers, an error occured upon testing the movie…Target not found: Target="/rollover" Base="_level0"
Target not found: Target="/rollover" Base="_level0"e. I can’t seem to see what I’ve done wrong…any help would be so terrific! I’m trying to apply the steps to my own Flash creation.
To be more specific, to get the same effect as
When you roll over the button, an animated image comes in and drops out on rollout. Help please!

Have you given your movie clips “Instance” names?

That is, open your instance panel using menu option “Window/Panel/Instance”. In this panel is a text field for entering an instance name. When you have a movie clip selected it will open up for input.

This is NOT the same as the library name. You cannot use library names when calling with a tell target method.

This is the number one reason for this effect not working.

Thankyou very much! Solved my problem! Loved your logo too.