Telltarget, advanced rollovers, any other way?


I think i read somewhere telltarget would be phased out of the flash player - this is the only way i know how to do ‘rollouts’…

What other ways are there of making an advanced rollover that dont use telltarget? Can anyone help and give an example I could see?

Cheers! :slight_smile: :nerd: - uses only basic actionscript. Yes I know it’s not advanced, but I have to plug as much of my stuff as poss!

If you use tweens, then, instead of tellTarget, use:




It depends where your calling it from, but with the full path - you shouldn’t go wrong.

Ok, thanks AGAIN!

Thats like 4 problems of mine you’ve solved you should get an award or somethin! lol

Cheers! :nerd:

If you like it, the fla is on my site - there’ll be more stuff to come hopefully.