Just started using MX and learning ActionScript. I finally found an tutorial addressing one of my biggest concerns, how to make a button rollover/rollout target another movieclip using AS. (Before I was just putting an instance of my _mc on the OVER frame of the button.

The problem is, whe I went to the AS menu, I couldnt find tellTarget anywhere. Later I found out its depricated since v.5

What can I use in MX to substitute for this wonderful function???

instead of tell target


Flash 5 and MX allow for dot-syntax coding, which is much easier to code and understand. Instead of the code above you would use this:


Thanks man!

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lol I’m not really banned. I’m a moderator. Thats just my custom title. :slight_smile: It throws people off a bit. Hell it throws me off sometimes when I see it!


Another quick, general Flash question…

Have you ever been able to ‘trick’ a Flash movie?

Example: In the excercise I just did, if I rollout of the button quickly the on(rollout) function fails to send the movie forward. This makes the button look like its ‘stuck’

Also, I built a friend’s website a while back and could never solve the problem of sticking buttons. Although he had an iMac and no other PC had this problem, you can imagine the frustrations we had. They were simple buttons with up and over states that would stay stuck in the over state even after the mouse was rolled out!

Have you ever seen or heard anything like this??

Hey Jubba? i’ve got a question for ya. When you use variables as a mc name tellTarget will work, and dot syntax won’t. Why ?