i was doing a tellTarget tutorial
and was wondering why do you have to put a “/” (slash)
before the actual name you are targeting? (for example)
on (rollOut) {
tellTarget ("/rollover") { <---------- what is the point of the slash before the name?
gotoAndPlay (“1back”);

it depends upon where you are calling the tellTarget from to tell the truth, though in that case I believe it is refering to the timeline which holds the script tellTarget.

for now, just know that you have to do that. Then, go into the Best of Kirupa, and look for posts there about targeting movie clips. the / is actually a left over from Flash 4.0, where as 5.0 uses dot syntax which is a little different. tellTargets work in both 4 and 5 so the slash is left in because it will work no matter what the Flash plugin version the viewer has.