Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines

Boy, I can’t wait to see this flick!!! Check out the banner

Check the endoskeleton on the chick - the effects will probably be amazing :beam:

D :stuck_out_tongue:

They sure will! Still, I really hope the story is as dark, cool, ‘hasta lavista’-ish then the other 2 movies. I’ll be very disappointed if it sucks. It has very good potential to be good, but also to be crap.
Go Arnold!:thumb:

Sooo right - but I really hope that Linda Hamilton doesn’t show her face - I mean in the second one she looked really “over the hill” if u know what I mean - all freaked out and such. The interesting part is that I read somewhere that the TX (the nasty chick) actually has the ability to control the machines within a certain distance of her including our Arnie. That should make for some interesting fight scenes ;).

D :stuck_out_tongue:

In poor Sarah Connors defense, would you not let yourself go to h e l l after getting chased, beaten, the father of your child from the future killed, and crushing a relentless killing machine in a hydralic press?

IN 1984!

I know I would.

´This is definately gonna be something big!

You know youve made it big when theres a site named
after you heh

I dont think T3 will quite have the impact T2 did though. I think the stroy at this point has been worn pretty thin and the effects wont be anything new. schwartzy is getting old himself as well. :-\