Terminator movie Series

Ive watched Terminator 3 again yesterday and Im not clear about the whole story although I know bits and parts. So if your willing to clear things for me, please do.

Now the very first movie I understand but then in the second movie, she gives birth to John Connor and then how does she land into the psycyrtaic hosptial? Was it because she started to fear the apolcalyse and then went to try and shoot down cyberdyne systems?

Ok so after that, they destory the skynet labs who was led by the black guy

Now in the third movie, Sarah connor dies and then John lives without no identity. If they destroyed skynet and the whole cyborg technology, how does that Brewster woman and her dad come into it?

I think they saved some piece of that technology somehow.

She landed in the phych ward because she tried to blow up cyberdine after she crushed the first T100 in the first movie. They covered it up, and sarah tried to blow it up, she got bagged and when she tried to tell her story to Dr. Silverman he locked her arse up. They never showed it but John talked about it in T2.

Brewster and her pappy came into it because the military was working on thier own technology. The cyborgs that they created if you look closley are very similar to the machines in the future war. Like the HK’s and the attack drones.

Skynet was seperate technology the the military created that used the internet to spread and become self aware.

The whole cyberdine systems became irrelivant because the future apocolypse was set to happen. It just took a different course when they destroyed cyberdine.

right like a chip or something survived from the robot arm and they found that as well from T1 so while everything was destroyed technology wise from the future in T2, Cyberdyne still had some technology to work from…kinda weird “time” plot.

The next terminator will be set in the future.

Thanks for the explantion guys, im going to watch the first two again.

There’s going to be a T4?!

yep :slight_smile:

There’s going to be a T4?!

Of course there will be Silverfox. At the end of T4, John and Brewster are in that military compound which will lead to the future battle.