Test webcam compatability for me on my site

Hey all,

Just wanted to let you know I put up a webcam on my site at http://www.nickpettit.com/site/webcam/webcam.htm

It uses several different technologies so it really didn’t fit nicely into any one category. I just wanted you all to check it out so I can see if it runs ok on a slower machine, slower connection, macs, different browsers, etc…

Be sure to post any issues you encounter. This is technology in progress. And yes I know it says evaluation version sometimes, thats the cam software… that I plan on buying…

The reason I’m testing this is because I have a client with a big skateboard/bmx jam coming up and I want to be able to offer to broadcast it on his site.

well it more looks like a picture of you than a webcam.

How often does it update?

it updates every 10 seconds using a javascript. it should f - a - d - e to the next pic.

im running a fast computer, so i cant help you out there

ok, seems to be updting now. Before it just stuck on the same photo.

I think it’s working as you’ve been making the same face for 5 minutes :stuck_out_tongue:

works fine here, btw, you don’t move much do you? :stuck_out_tongue: I am always changing the way I sit and stuff and moving around.

this is exciting… :snooze: :to:

I don’t think I’d want people watching me… that is a little creepy.

Also then I’d have to take this monkey suit off.

lol glad to see its working for you all

hmmm sleeping… very interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

It workes I guess… I has a sign {“Sleeping”}