Hey everyone.
I just went out and blew 80 bucks on a webcam thinger but I can’t figure out how to set up a dang webcam on my website. All I can find out is you need all this expensive crap, but that’s dumb, it shouldn’t cost money. So if anyone knows a good free service or something and would like to help me out, then help me out! Haha… this thing is pissin me off

use java! I remember something… it can be done wif java… and flash too of course but that’s too complicated…at least for me!
i think the free trial never runs out… lol.

its 10 bucks and im too lazy to find my credit card… lol

I got this crappy free one that came with the camera… I’ll get a better one later

*Originally posted by redViper *
i think the free trial never runs out… lol. **


no, i never read anything

but now im downloading something that was in a random link on that page

i heared teveo was free. but i am not sure about now. i used to use it for my site.

ok i figured out the one that red suggested but i still cant get it to work

you dont have to save a page that has javascript as anything special do you?

Alex, your bandwith is gone:sigh: almost the end of the month though:)

anyone smart at ftp stuffs?
I have it so that it sends the pic to the directory /cam at
when i go into my ftp program and click on public_html and then cam, it says that the image is there, but if you go to there is no picture there… and have no idea why… can someone suggest something?

woohooo… now the picture shows up… but now the stupid html file thinger javascriptness isnt working…
on to more headaches

ok, last time im replying to myself
you can go there and check out me being very very frustrated and pissed cuz I can’t get it to work right… just keep clickin refresh… or if your feelin nice, check out the source and tell my whats wrong with it

I have a webcam… never used it to show on my site though. I bought it so I could talk to my gf, but, she dumped me. That b*tch

stupid biznotch
how is your name lava? didnt it used to be lavaboy?
thats really wierd and scary and stuff… maybe its cuz i made everything gray

I got it changed… I’m cooler now.

your a magician
thats crazy
i wish my name sucked so i could get a new one and feel special

you bastard.

man I loooooooove this thing
viewer discretion strongly advised


:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: