Text-Based RPG [?]

Okay, I want to make a Text-Based RPG. I’m sure you all know what those are, if you don’t google it you can probably find one. I looked around for tutorials and couldn’t find one. Then I remember about good ol’ Kirupa! I think flash would be best way to make it because I’d like the game be in a single file. I wouldn’t need any graphics at all, because if I tried they’d and besides I love Text RPGs. However, I have NO idea how to make it whatsoever! I know this is kind of…big…question, I was wondering if anybody could point me in the direction of a tutorial or even be really, really nice and help me out.

Basically I’d want there to be a big black screen with ASCII text on it (Ooh, haha, I could do some ASCII art to make it look old school ;)) and an input bar at the bottom where the player types phrases like “Look at rubble” or “Go South” that are recognized by the engine and then the results are described on the on the screen and a new set of options are given.

I’m not sure if I want to take on the task of having levels and combat, etc. At least not for my first game. I’m hoping for something simple, probably along the lines of Peasant Quest on Home Star Runner just without the visuals.

Thanks so much,