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Hello everyone and thanks for taking me in, and hopefully we’ll enjoy this community together…

I just started using flash 5 for a month now, which I had a copy of it on my secondary ide for about a year. I always knew that flash 5 is very powerful tool for making animations, because of its use of scripting language. The reason i didn’t get into it much, was the fact that i’ve been studying c++, and i’ve been concentrating more on that. But now, i have a very importand need to lean it, becuase i am making a site for the first time. And this site i’m working on to make is actually for the small company i work at.

of corse any info you give me is not an intend to still your idea and reuse it with my signature, but actually to make one understand the way you understand to show other possibilities.

Thanks in advance for your time and effort, hopefully, this will be rewarded. if not by me, by someone else, becuase you deserve it.

My Question here is how to make a text effect using only actionscript, either with one MC, or none at all.
The whole point here is to see how it is possible, the technique that is being used.

Thanks you…

Neanderthal Man

text effect? Wut kinda text effect?
well heres an example how to just make text with actionscript…
Make a blank dynamic textbox and change it’s cariable name to …let’s say textbox :slight_smile:
now right click on the frame where the textbox is in and choose actions…

textbox = "blablabla";

copy and paste the action given…
Change “blablabla” to the text you want it to show up.
note: it has to be between the quotation marks.


Yes, perhaps assign a returned value from a function to a text variable also. We can assign many things to Dynamic text variables, that i know.

what i really mean by effect, is the graphical effect that you see on many websites. Text’s fonts getting larger and smaller letter by letter, or changing its colors, or letters flying around to soon be placed where it belongs. things like that…

and sorry for not making my point clear enough…

Neanderthal Man

really depends on the effect… here’s another sample


Here’s a cool effect I came up with a couple months ago. It requires some work to put together.


I’m happy to send the origional to anyone who wants it, just drop me an email at [email protected] with a request for the
“textacular” source file.