Text fading - Please Help

Hi, I’m new to flash…Please help.

I’ve been trying for ages to get get fading text.
I can fade it in, but i want to be able to click on any other link, and the text presently displayed will fade out.

Each button on my movie links to text.

If anyone can help me get my text to fade to any other section, it would help me loads.


Create a movie clip. Give it the instance name of “fade” (without quotes)

Create your text on frame 1 of your movie clip.

Add a keyframe on frame 10 (or whatever, I will use 10 for the example)
Add another keyframe on frame 20.

Add a stop() action on frames 10 and 20.

Create the fade in effect between 1 and 10 and the fade out effect between 10 and 20.

Your text will fade in and stop.

Now create your button you want to be pressed on the main timeline.

On your button add these actions…

on (release){

This will gotoAndPlay the frame that starts the fade out animation.

If you know how to use frame labels it will be easier to use them instead of going by the frame number. I won’t go into that now though. I hope this helps:)

PS: This is a very basic way of doing this, but it works:)

That helps a bit, but i want to have about 6 buttons that display different text. Once clicked, these buttons will fade out what ever text is there and fades in the new text.

Can anyone help with this?


Here. I made you a sample fla.

Thank you Andy.

Sorry Wankerzuk, I seem to have completely forgot about this thread, many apologies.