Text Messaging in Flash

Hi…I am hoping I am posting in the right section (please let me know if I am not), but I am trying to create a thing in Flash where you can send a text message to a cell phone number. The only way I can think of to do this (which is a major pain) is to:

  1. Get all text msging email address for Cell providers (eg. AT&T’s is [email protected])
  2. Make the Flash thing where it has to ask which cell provider the person you are text messaging is with
  3. Have user fill out the text messaging form which, depending on the service provider, activates a different PHP mail script that would just send an email to it.

If you know of any tutorials, PLEASE PLEASE let me know. I have tried other links on this forum (one I think was called robouk.mchost.com, or something similar) and they were broken links. I would prefer a tutorial to something I would have to download seeing as I want to implement this into Flash.

Thanks! Help appreciated greatly!