Text wont scroll and shows only first couple lines


i followed the kirupa text scroller tute and looked in the forum pages and founs another person who had a similar problem, tryied that method and its didnt work…
my problem,
i did the scroller correctly and it wont let me scroll AND it shows only a couple of line from the text file (it shows like the first 7-8) lines.
any ideas???

You may not have followed the tutorial correctly. The tute works fine. I just tried it. Post your file and I’ll take a look.

here is the .fla and the text file that goes along with it

thanks ahead of time

I’m sorry. You’re using a component. I don’t know how to use those. I have never used them. I think they are the devil. I always create my own stuff. Sorry… Someone else might know…

id rather not use a component,
what id like to happen if i made my own buttons was when someone rolled over the button it would CONTINUOSLY scroll until you rolled off, not just scroll a little and then stop, if you know how to do that , thatd be AWESOME!!!

thanks jubba for lookin out…

Well here is a tutorial to start you out with…


and I’ll try to find the code for the continuouse scrolling of the buttons

hey man,
i checked it out, but its all bout the continuous scrolling,

thanks for helpin out
the sauce

Here is the code for the UP button (make it a movieclip and not a button):

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
	if (hitTest(_root._xmouse, _root._ymouse)) {
		currentScroll = _parent.scroller.scroll;
		if (Number(currentScroll)>1) {
			_parent.scroller.scroll = currentScroll-1;

DOWN button (movieclip):

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
	currentScroll = _parent.scroller.scroll;
	if (hitTest (_root._xmouse, _root._ymouse)) {
		if (Number (currentScroll) < Number (_parent.scroller.maxscroll)) {
			_parent.scroller.scroll = Number (currentScroll) + 1;

Just replace the code on the movieclips with the code that I gave you.

Should work fine…

the target text field in the scroll bar parameters is wrong …

render your text as html and replace all the & characters with [color=red]%26[/color] in the text file

by the way jubba

I think they are the devil. I always create my own stuff.

100% agreed :wink:

hey jubba, and kax thanks for both of your replies, so regular ampersands conflct eh…good tip to keep in mind, and jubba thanks for the scroll code…thats HUGE!!!

this forums getting a HUGE thanks on my site, you guys have seriously helped out the cause…big props


hey no problem pithcell :slight_smile:

glad i could help =)