The best HTML website

It just occurred to me that we’ve never asked this question…

What’s the best mainly HTML website that you’ve ever seen?

Note that this is “mainly HTML” and not just “absent of Flash”. Meaning that this doesn’t count because there’s pretty well no HTML at all in it whereas [URL=]this does count because it could, for the most part anyway, be created with pure HTML.

Does HTML combined with Javascript count?

Hey live,
I like these two sites:

I am sure there are more, but they are escaping my mind right now.

Kirupa :rambo:

*Originally posted by lostinbeta *
**Does HTML combined with Javascript count? **

Yesish. As long as there’s a lot of HTML, anyway. Take the required quota of Flash to win a Kirupa Site Of The Week award and then apply that for HTML.

**** cool sites, Kirupa.

I reckon (sorry, link removed - Kirupa) has gotta be right up there :stuck_out_tongue:

I would say a DHTML site (essentially that is HTML) is nice. isn’t bad. is a very nice DHTML site.

hmmmm…one of those links seemed a little inappropriate for this forum! At least warn us before we click on links like that while we are at work with our bosses walking around, it ticks the **** out of me when people do that!

Hey Rage,
Both those sites were awesome, if not, a tad bit similar in their intros. Also, let’s keep the forums decent =)

Kirupa :rambo: