The board's so quiet

What are you all up to?

I have actually kind of taken a break from Flash right now. Aside from my recent entry #5 in the contest I have done nothing in Flash.

As for the board being quiet, yes it has. No one seems to be posting anymore. Could it be that no one has any questions about Flash!!! Nah, doubt that:P

What have you been up to!?:slight_smile:

I went up to Rhode Island this past weekend. Been sleeping most of the day. I’ll be back this week in force, as I’ve taken the rest of the week off for Vacation.

Well, I’m trying to accomplish 3 things at the same time: start to work for my exams (failed), tried to start my Flash site (failed) and tried to make that darn grid work (kinda failed). It’s been a great day. Fortunately, I’ve played a wonderful Lost Temple with the Protoss.

Oh, and I’m enjoying Nutella on bread right now, it’s just delicious :slight_smile:

pom :asian:

I can relate to the failing in Flash part. That is why I decided to take a break from using it for a while. I find that if I take a break it gives me time to refresh and somewhat start over.

Sorry to hear about the failed things though:(

MMMMMMM Nutella on bread…wait…what is Nutella?

soft chocolate to put on bread, like butter! or peanutbutter… =)

so sticky… yuck…

I’ve been in lurk mode lately. I am still checking in here every… oh, few minutes or so. I just don’t have much to reply to the recent threads, nor do I really have any thoughts on starting a new thread… maybe later.

…also, I just ate an ant… I think. This is the second instance of accidental bug consumation at work. We had this ant problem a while back, but that didn’t stop me from having a cup of hot cocoa. After thoughtlessly sipping from my mug, about halfway through the drink I notice the corpe of an ant floating among the marshmallows. Now, it is highly likely that this ant had a few friends join him in the hot tub that is my hot cocoa and I ate them. So I guess, I’m not 100% sure whether or not I actually ate any ants, but I did, indeed, drink fluid with at least one ant swishing in it with his bodily juices and all. Needless to say, I didn’t imbibe anything from the kitchen for the rest of the day.

That is all. I know it has nothing to do with the events/topics discussed previously, but this is a random forum, is it not?


This brings us to the useless statistic that the average human being will consume at least 8 spiders in their lifetime while sleeping.

Oh that is just gross…

I bet it’s those big hairy ones too… The ones that just turn and laugh at you after you’ve tried to smack it with a newspaper…

Haha, I don’t mind spiders. They are tasty…haha…just kidding. Seriously though, I don’t mind them.

Nice new avavtar and footer. It almost looks like your footer image continues the worm head in your avatar. Very interesting.

yeah thats kinda the point too :slight_smile:

I can’t sleep, so I just made it for fun… :stuck_out_tongue: I love making avatars…

Looks good=)

thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:

I gotta get me a Wacom some day… it aint easy drawing with the mouse alone…

I hear ya. I so want a Wacom. Mouse drawing sucks!!!

Maybe this’ll start a new trend on this forum! :stuck_out_tongue:

continuing avatars/footers! lol

It is an interesting concept. I might copy off of you one day…haha. Actually I would never be able to come up with something, and I don’t like to copy people.

There’s no shame in copying! :slight_smile:

As long as it’s not a direct copy… it’s just like having your own personal avatar, many on this forum has their own avatar, I just have a footer that matches! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s an idea others can have some fun working with themselves…

Very interesting concept. I can’t wait to see if people try and “copy” it.

Yeah me too!

Man I gotta try and get some sleep, it’s 4:30 AM here in Denmark…

Just gotta pry the cat off my bed first… :stuck_out_tongue: