I'm happy

I’m really happy that this design forum has a life of its own now. And I have to say bravo to Eilsoe particularly, because he did a lot here. So thank you very much again :slight_smile:

And start writing some tutes, people!!

pom :cowboy:

Some photoshop tutes? Like how to make my “Flash” effect…lol.

aawwww… :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks… :slight_smile:

Tutes coming up soon… i hope…

You better…

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I will… :slight_smile:

I actually wrote an action to do by slimey burst flash effect thingie. I used to use it a lot because I love the effect, so I wrote an action:)

I can either post that or actually go through writing a tutorial…hmmm, I suppose a tutorial would be better. I also can write one on create spiderweb looking stuff too.

Hmmmmm, I just might do some of that. But here is a question…where will these tutorials be placed? Kirupa’s site doesn’t have an area for Photoshop tutorials, just Flash. Are these tutorials going to remain in the forum?

Alright guys! I now officially declare, that from monday afternoon, i will start making some tutes. :slight_smile:

First off, “Idd” asked for the grid/mosaic effect, so that will be done monday, plus I’ll remake the isometric blocks… those two will definitely be done by monday night…

And Lost, what say you and I agree on which tutes we make? So we don’t end up with to exactly alike tutes…?

Send me a PM, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible…

Everyone else, send me a PM too for suggestions, k? :slight_smile:

PS: pom, when are u gonna change that footer?? :stuck_out_tongue:
let people see yer new fabu AP footer! :slight_smile:


PM Sent Eilsoe.

Time to reactivate the Drawing and Design forum!!!


School work bogging me down! Must resist!:scream: :crazy: :scream: :!: :scream:

School work is more important than anything. Lame I know, but true non-the-less :slight_smile:

*Originally posted by eilsoe *
**PS: pom, when are u gonna change that footer?? :stuck_out_tongue:
Yeah, I know it sucks. But i made someone do it for me :evil:

And Dude, I know how you feel. My exams are in 2 weeks… :cyclops:

yes… me! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm? :q:

mr. potter makes me mad inside, im not a fan :-\

And why does Mr. Potter make you mad inside?

It teaches children the dark arts of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

No it doesn’t :slight_smile:

If you notice, the kids are supposed to use their magic for good and they aren’t allowed to use it in this realm. So even if kids thought they could use it, they would know they can’t use it here :stuck_out_tongue:

[SIZE=1]personally, I’d put Harry Potter up there, in terms of
story, creativity, etc., with Star Wars.

I know, I know…I’m a lifelong, HUGE Star Wars fan myself, but I
get completely engulfed in these books. For that reason alone, I
say that, but there are plenty of other reasons too.


Yeah, I must admit. Harry Potter seems to be very creative and unique for todays times. A lot of movies and books that come out nowadays have been done before, but there is something about Harry Potter that says “been done”, but it really hasn’t been done before. There is so much depth to the story that makes it unique to any other.