The Greatest Idea in the WORLD - FAO: Kirupa

Hey K, just wondering if has an IRC channel? I reckon it’d be a great idea! Everyone connects and joins the channel… then we can chat teh night away! w00t! /me watches hours doing important stuff drop rapidly…

I reckon it’d be really cool, anyone else think so? :wink:

Nope :stuck_out_tongue:

Its been discussed so many times before lol

I think the general response was… if you wanna chat, go find a chatroom :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Soul :s:


/me dies

That was the basic upshot… Since most people using kirupa also have acess to AIM or MSN or similar, it was reckoned that anyone wanting to chat could just use those.

Speaking of which, I’ve got those two at home now, so if anyone wants the names, just send me a PM. :slight_smile:

Yeah, my AIM name is: kirupacom. I am almost always online, but there are times when I’m away (WarCraft3 :)). So feel free to drop me a line.

If one does a search for AIM screen names, one will find the screen names of many others here.

Kirupa :beam:

:frowning: I dont use aim, only crappy MSN :] (and irc sometimes)

I am on AIM sometimes.

Currently using - “mbeston23”

Still sometimes use “fester8542”

i am on AIM as well rere420

MSN isn’t crap :bad:

I solved the problem by installing both. :stuck_out_tongue:

AIM: otnes28
MSN: otnes28 @ hotmail . com (remove spaces)

lol, this is turning into another one of those threads that we have like every month… oh well

feel free to IM me, I always love to talk to random people whom I barely know=)

This is probably another thing that’s been asked before, but why the name “28”, 28? :slight_smile:

lol, I just answered this for the 8000 billionth time to raf (lava[boy]) yesterday.

I guess mostly because my birthday is on December 28th. But a lot of stuff seems to happen on 28’s for me. Probably no more than other numbers, but I just notice it more because it’s my favorite number. So theres no really deep and spiritual reason… just a fun number. oh, and xxviii looks pretty cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a popular question then? :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry, didn’t mean nuttin’ by it… :slight_smile:

28 is a pretty cool number :beam:

Guess what number I think is cool? :beam:

Actually on second thoughts, don’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

28 bites!

I am partial to 27…or 29 even. What kind of clown likes 28?!

j/k :thumb:

:trout: :trout:

Kit - it’s cool, I don’t mind answering. So now let me ask, where did Kitiara come from? I’m sure that’s been asked a billion times before as well.

Soul - I know… I know=):beam:
Soul is a really cool name too, definately one of my favorites on the forums

Kit - 420… 69… pi?
Fester - :skull:

It’s one of those three… :beam:

My alias was taken from a series of books called Dragonlance. Kitiara was one of the characters in that.