The Maverick Flash Developer Syndrome

I hope the title is clear - I was recently in a conversation with a colleague of mine and he posed the question “What is with this Maverick attitude of flash / web designers and developers wanting to be on their own now?”

This was an interesting question directed at me, since I’ve been on my own for a year an a half. I didn’t really have an answer at the tip of my tongue, but I too see this being a huge “phenomenon” happing in the last 3 years or so. And, I like this “phenomenon” - I wonder if it will last?

my quick answers included the obvious:
• a new challenge
• personal freedom
• a variety of steady Flash development work, IF your client relations are solid and you work hard
• a chance to explore new clients/agencies/styles/technology etc.
• a chance to divorce one’s self from the sometimes monogamous, whiney, complaint-filled agency atmosphere (don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved many agency jobs, and love working with agencies, but have been in situations where the negativity of co-workers and/or owners equates to rusty nails in one’s eyes)

But, I’m curious as to what others’ opinions are as to why this seems to be a very popular course for many in the Web world - are the risks/costs/workload really much better than a steady job at an agency?

Thanks for any feedback.