The mind of a web client

it has been very interesting talking to potential website clients recently - i put to them a couple of questions (I did it via a questionaire that they completed in a voluntary fashion) - and here are some of the answers:

  1. Q. How much would you expect to pay for a five page website - html.
    A. 50 British pounds (90 dollars usa)

After this, i continued to ask:

Q. why such an amount
most said things such as:
A. Because doing a website is an easy thing to do, it is just sitting in front of a screen and not doing real work. Anyone can do it if they try.

  1. Q. Have you contacted many web design companies to do your site
    A. yes.

Q. What did they quote you as a price?
A. Even for a small site of about 7 pages, it went into several thousand.

It is intersesting to hear such comments - have you had things like this said to you?