The Oblivion Thread!

Okay, I know some other people here are playing Oblivion. This game is awesome! Morrowind ate my soul for a year and some change, and now Oblivion is nibbling away at my essence. I’m running it on an overclocked E6600 (@2.80 Ghz) with 2GB or 800 FSB Corsair XMS and an XFX 7900 GTX card (liquid cooled!), and the graphics are Ridiculous! The only glitchy thing I’ve seen are shadows on peoples’ faces. I just started a game using a Breton chick magic user/blade fighter custom class, it’s nothing short of monkeyfun. So, being as there’s a healthy WoW Thread going, I figured I’d start an Oblivion thread to serve as a general discussion spot for fellow addicts.
I do miss the levitate spell though.