The real battle of music types

alright, this is for all you hard core music fans, i’m sorry, but the other battle is just bonkers.

this will be a bit different and cooler…

state your favorite kind of music AND as many songs (on cd or by download) you actually have in that genre. (don’t cheat, put only the ones you really have)

You must include all song titles.
If the number of songs you have in that genre is less than the number of songs of the previous poster then it does not count for your genre (but you can still post it)
put your total number at the bottom.

…the winner will be based on total song count.

the trick is to save some songs for later so you can out post others.

I’ll start us off:

  • ROCK (classic Rock, hard rock, alternative rock, classic metal) -

And justice for all
Eye of the beholder
Master of puppets
Enter sand man
For whom the bell tolls
ride the lightning
Going to California
Sweet Emotion
straight out of line
war pigs
interstate love song
jumping jack flash
like a rolling stone
southern man
dream on
beast of burden
cant you hear me knocking
saint of me
misty mountain hop
over the hills and far away
dyer maker
voodo chill
wonderfull tonight


your post will count towards the battle if it has more than my 32 songs

lets see what happens, i know we all have like 10,000 songs each
i’ve held a lot back just for that reason…this could get interesting