The sinking Post


:love: just watching this baby sink is a thrill for me!


WH ripoff!





sen, so you caught me…lets just see what happens~


it wont work :wink: I actually started the cloning of the original thread in that series. The current sinking post was like the 5th of the clones of the original (I dont remember which was the original) - good times :slight_smile:

Kirupians arent as rebellious and wont care so much when this is forgotten :beam:

(well, we’ll see at least)


i dont get this… umm…



this will be a good test for sure! lol. i was wondering why there we 75 pages worth! lol


yeah there were “incred. stinking posts” “incred. floating posts” and … ummm hehe other -inking posts of sort if I remember right :wink:


lol, this isnt really sinking…lol. oh well! all part of the fun!


whoa lets just bring this back up


but phil i brought it back up so i can watch it sink agian! its like the kid in the tub with the broken boat, he always gets it, emties out the water, and then lets it sink agian.


:thread sticky removed:


ohhh, boy phil you sticked it? hahha. well i will bring this thing back up! man no one else cares sen!






^ ouch! banged my hip on this, i’ll just put it back up here


am i missing something?


darn! tripped over this slippery thing!


sen…you were right, we just dont care here


nice try at least :beam: