The sinking Post


it sunk for sure…we are doing a recovery mission atm.


Well - why not :stuck_out_tongue: Not sure why, but I feel like replying to this thread :huh:



watch it go!


Yeah this baby is like a ball of iron in water…just sinks


someone must have been bored :stuck_out_tongue:


Well this is interesting.


whats the point of this?


I feel like such a noob on this forum… anyways, I think it’s to watch it go to the bottom of the new posts list :huh: maybe?

edit: intersting, I just noticed it says started the thread, but appearently he got renamed and is now just mdipi after being somebody else for a while?


yup he changed to hansel for a while :wink:


I coulda sworn he was somebody elses username for like two weeks right when he became a mod…


well he’s normal now. … that is to say his name is at least. :x

#52 -> trendax -> -> hansel -> mdipi

thats the order. this is a rip of a WH thread :wink:


hehe - I don’t think I ever referred to you as anything but mdipi! Trendax sounds like one of those industrial strength cleaning liquids that make a hole in the wall when thrown :cap:

So…let’s watch this thread sink! :stuck_out_tongue:


steps on thread


Yeah - a lot of people did, a few people who signed up when i was Hansel knew me as hansel and not mdipi.

Yes let her sink!



“Yar! I cut off your sword arm! Now you shall die!”
“No! I’m ambidextrous! Arrr!!”



[whisper]I mean… sink!!one!1two[/whisper]


lol one post and this baby is going up.