The snow tutorial at work

Thanks K-man, it was a great tute - my boss loved it :slight_smile: He said “the cheques in the mail” whatever that means :wink:

Where’s the wind? Where’s the visible fragments of snowflakes causing a misty breeze and freezing the screen before melting and trickling down the screen causing a lens effect on the picture.

As you can most probably tell, I’m being extra picky today. It’s nice anyway

Thanks guys :slight_smile: It was just done as a fun card for the office to send out to our clients and friends… I like how it turned out. I guess I could have done more animation and such but time is money I guess :wink:

And Junahu - that’s enough outta you!

yea snow is nice but not toomuch, checkout the winterz style by me, i 'd like to see more snow and janahu how about scattering snow on a side somewhere hahah, phil asked me to make the changes but i am not that good in AS so i said u do it and sent him the fla file :stuck_out_tongue:

ACtually I have been switching between yours and phat7’s scheme’s since they were introduced. I like them both very much :slight_smile: