The strangest thing we do

I was just sitting here, looking though the threads (as usual)…

I felt a little bored, since it’s almost 2:30 AM and I have to get up in 4 hours…

Anywhoo, Hold yer left hand flet in the air, palm pointing upwards…

Then take the second finger from the right, and press it down (the tip) into the middle of yer palm. Then release.

Do this quickly, and eventually your middle finger will start twitching! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I hit a nerve or something…

Funniest things I do when I get bored… :slight_smile:

talk about wierd! i tryed it and didnt work though!

My hand went numb, but no twitching.

It is hard to type now… with a numb hand and all… thanks eilsoe! :stuck_out_tongue:

What is sleep anyway? I hear its a word in the english language, however i cannot make sence of this concept. Wonder if its a Non-computer people thing… hmm =)

whoa what happened, i did just that and blacked out… whoa…

hehe jk actually nothing happened to me. =) i must be prone =)

Yeah, I tried that and nothing happened. I guess Asian people are immune from the finger twitching lol!

Kirupa :asian:

i just tried it and had an epileptic fit and bit my tongue off. my lawyer will be contacting you.


I didn’t ORDER you to get twitchin’ :slight_smile:

I merely shared the hidden spasms contained within my fingers…

I was trying this at work and my boss saw me. I had to go to some psychiatric review. So I guess I won’t be talk here for a while. They said 2 years of electro shcok and I should be fine so I’ll talk to you guys then. :*(

nothin’ happened… I… was sorta hopin’ sumthin’ would happen but :x :crazy:

Guess it’s just me then… :slight_smile:

Try banging your heads into a brick wall, see if anything starts to tingle… :P:P

Just kidding :slight_smile:

must be one of those “Great Dane” things… lol


Everyone who’s had their brain scannet, say “aye”!

AYE :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, I have :slight_smile:

AYE Haven’t!

i tried it, nothing happend. 5 min later the muscle above my eye started twitching uncontrolably. weird

that has happened to me too!!
its too strange :cyclops: