The Sweetest Picture Ever

Before I leave you for the night, I would just like to share THE greatest picture ever:

feel free to post any other “absolutely sweet” pictures that you believe should earn runner up prizes.

lol kirupa

Those are really great, I love the snail one smoking a joint, thats lovely. When I first saw the comment, “is there anyway you can have the same picture except have him smoking a doobie,” I never thought i would actually see it. What a fun photoshop that must have been.

Thats one big *** dolphin. I didnt know they get that big. I thought they just got the size of a human.


lmao! Very funny kay


Spider-Man is my favorite superhero!

Thanks for ruining everything for me Kay, thanks a bunch!

That’s really quite funny looking at it over again, haha. A great animation

lol my favorite is the ciggrete one and the one posted by ‘kay’ ealier the one with asian kids…and ohh also the snail smoking the ‘joint’.:smiley:

i hope this thread doesn’t die

*Originally posted by Kay *
**:slight_smile: **

Oh man! :smiley: lmfao!!! :smiley: I was listening to radio when I opened this thread and the spiderman was dancing exactly in sync with the song!!! Still laughing my a$s off :smiley:

Glad you like it Philbo

*Originally posted by Phil Jayhan *
**kirupa, What is it with this ring pic that is so phunny; I have seen it over and over and over and very time I miss it;
please explain;
pj :stuck_out_tongue: **

It’s the ring similar to the one used in the Lord of the Rings! It’s not real Phil fyi :smiley:

LOL ppl! Nice pics… I wish I knew any good ones… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m suprised some :drool: nitwit hasn’t posted something foul. I love the snail though! lol

*Originally posted by norie *
**I’m suprised some :drool: nitwit hasn’t posted something foul. I love the snail though! lol **

Don’t encourage them :slight_smile: Also, anything crude will be deleted!

sorry kirupa, btw i didn’t mean for that to rhyme :beam:


Holy crap! is that this: kid??!?!?!?

nothing more funnier than a chubby asian kid :smiley:

edit: They were probably told there were going to get a SUPER COOL tattoo, instead by the element of suprise, WHAM stabbed his arm with a needle.