The Ultimate Marker Paper... Discontinued?

first off, this question requires the help of someone who uses either Copic markers or Prisma markers as a means for color;

Okay, I do alot of work with prisma markers (and I mean ALOT) and I have found that there is no better paper for this (to me) than Copic’s Special Processed paper selections (1-5). Up until recently, I had all that I could need of this particular paper. However, I ran out, and when I went back to buy more of it, I was told that it was discontinued! o_O Basically, what I need, is any paper with the same touch, surface, and texture of the paper. If anyone at all can give me a hand I would be ETERNALLY grateful! (my illustrations are only half the picture without color ><)

Just for referrence:

Paper that I used which is discontinued: <—(I don’t buy from anime books-they killed my last orders with their crappy shipping… the paper was totally bent)

Paper that I have already tried and do not find helpful: <—(too smooth, and doesn’t give the true color of the marker) <—(this paper smears the ink and pencil-not for my style… it’s like drawing/coloring on tape <<) <—(doesn’t give true color of the marker) <—(colors appear too dark, not a free flowing paper, does not allow for blending makers well)

Thanks for reading this.