The Village

Who is dying to see this like me? Man this movie is freeking me out just from the previews. I cant wait to see it, though ill probably have nightmares lol :lol:

This is for sure on my “In theaters” list.

I need to see the bourne supremecy first though.

Whats M nights fetish with reusing main characters across movies.

Bruce willis in sixth sense / Bruce willis in unbreakable

Dude from signs in signs / Dude from signs in the village.

Is that a problem?

It’s kinda like De Niro being seen in a lot of Scorcese movies. I think you are referring to Joacquin Phoenix ([size=1]sp? it’s even weirder than my name[/size]) - the one from Gladiator? He seems like a pretty good actor.

Regarding the Village, I stopped seeing scary movies because they are…well…too scary :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh I’m not too impressed with shamalamalamalamalayan. I’m not too big into scary movies but signs just sucked, ubreakable was a joke, and the sixth sense was moderate I guess. If I wanted to see a scary movie I’d go elsewhere.

lol, 28, what movies actually ARE scary? :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve seen a lot of “horror” flicks and the likings, but I’ve never been scared sh!tless :slight_smile:

my gf on the other hand cowers when Signs is mentioned, she hates that flick :stuck_out_tongue:

but she freaks at any movie with blood in it :slight_smile:

as long as the monsters in the village dont turn out to be aliens bent on taking over the world i think it will be a good horror movie.

i freaked out in signs until the end when it go ruined

Yeah, I’m with Eilsoe. Never really been to a movie I considered scary.

I don’t think Shyamalan’s movies are scary as much as they are thought-provoking. They usually have a pretty decent message or moral to them, all the “scary” stuff is just to keep you watching, IMO.

well the preview was good enough to make me want to see it :krazy:

I dunno, I just googled the trailer (long, HUGE trailer), and it looked much like Signs :-/

bliss-bliss-monsters-coming-let’s-go-hide… same story…

I might rent it :slight_smile:


I think for me it doesn’t sork because it has Phoenix in it, it reminds me too much of Signs… also, the image section on the official site, the last picture, isn’t that Ray Reddy from Signs??

I was watching an interview with Shyamalan a few weeks ago and he was talking about a scene in the movie that they had to remove sound effects for to get it a PG-13 rating.

The SOUND EFFECTS gave it an R rating! They weren’t even showing anything!

lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m still dreaming of the day the makers of the Silent Hill series team up with some psycho and makes the scariest piece of sh!t the world has ever seen :stuck_out_tongue:

OH, to top it off, have the makers of Project Zero in on it too :beam:

oh yeah… im going to watch it friday

[s]Yes a big problem. A problem so frickin big it keeps me up at night. I was thinking about that the outher day and got so confussed I forgot I was straight and made out with a dude.

After that I was in my living room thinking about it again. When I came to my senses I had severed off all the limbs of my roomate and was packaging them in ziplock bags to cook and consume later.

Twisted stuff[/s]

Just the limbs?

Yeah thats him. I see what your saying. It just struck me funny he was casted for 2 flicks back to back.