M. Night Shyamalan

Is anybody else watching this? The Buried Secrets of M. Night Shyamalan It’s pretty good… it’s a mock documentary about the truth behind Shyamalan’s inspiration for his movies.

I give it two thumbs up! :thumb: :thumb:

Actually, it’s on right now so I’m gonna get back to it…

Where might we watch this?

On the Sci-Fi channel.

if only i had cable :frowning:

Okay, so this guy that’s doing the documentary starts digging into Night’s past and finds out that there’s two years of his life (ages 10-12) where he seems to have disappeared.

This guy’s starting to believe that M. Night’s movies are really autobiography’s (sp?).

I summed it down, you really gotta watch it to see how this guy comes to this conclusion.

Edit: Okay now I’m not so sure how “mock” this is. http://www.scifi.com/mnight/main.html

im watching it now, pretty freaky! the face in the mirror! :huh:

I love that guys movies, it’s weird as well but if you think about it his movies have very simple, traditional plots but just with a very weird twist.

For instance Signs is the story of a former preacher disallusioned with god and the church he becomes a regular farmer. In times of trouble his brother moves in and the two live on the farm with the preachers two children. Through adversity they come through, with their faith renewed and a closer family. The preacher returns to the church and we all live happily ever after…now add the twist as an alien invasion and you’ll see what I mean.

How about Sixth Sense…A young troubled boy who has problems connecting with people and being bullied at school. A counsellor helps him become a better person, adjusted to his surrondings and eventually popular at school and closer to his mother. Now add the twist of seeing dead people and you’ll see what I mean.

I really like watching his movies. I can’t wait for his new one this summer “the Village” I think it looks great and will be just as suspensefull as his others. The Sixth Sense and Signs are two of my favorite scary type movies!

Anyone know where this is on in canada? We don’t have sci-fi but I think there’s somethign called ‘space’ lurking on my cable.

then again, I don’t want to know too much about the film before I see it.

That’d be an awful lot of living for a 10-12 year-old kid. :h:

So I guess only werd and myself saw this :pa:
Don’t know if it was aired in Canada though.

I watched most of it.

I dont think I bought into it really. Although it was a brilliant production before the release of his new movie (Which I so plan on seeing asap)

I lost faith in this guy by the second movie I saw made by him. I realized they all had the same “oh, isn’t this ironic” kind of ending. I’m pretty sure his next movie, The Village (which so happens to be the same name as my apartment, lawsuits pending), is going to be the same.

Plus, Signs was a huge letdown.


lol, okay okay that had some good points. I’m still a fan of his and I’m still gonna go watch “The Village.” :thumb:


Of course it was fake, though I must admit certain parts of it had me wondering. But then again I guess that was the point- so if it was Shyamalan’s goal to get me thinking about it, then it worked.

What was the point of making a documentary that wasn’t accurate? :td:

It was a mock documentary. As I said earlier: it shows how Shyamalan got his inspiration for his movies and then we find out that this inspiration really came from him living through this, or personal experiences.

Oh ok. I remember seeing a real documentary of him on one of “those channels” (A&E or something :P). I didn’t remember seeing some of the stuff a few of you posted about him lol.