Theme Parties

Theme parties are fun. You come up with an idea, and you run with it. Like a tropical Christmas party…

You get tropical decorations, couple cases of Corona, lil bit of Captain Morgan, and everyone has to dress in Hawaiian shirts and bright, lively, colors.

That’s what I planned for this weekend, but it’s slowly falling apart on me. People “dont’ have anything to wear” even though we gave ample time to go out and buy something (hell, I ordered a shirt FROM Hawaii online for this party). Other people are blatantly violating the guest system by inviting their friends without asking me and my friends who are throwing the party at our place if they can come or not. People want exceptions to be made, but I’m not going to do that just because their our friends because I had to turn away quite a few people to keep the population down. It wouldn’t be right to tell someone that they can’t come and then go ahead and let someone in who’s not even complying with the dress code.

I’m exremely frustrated with these people. It’s a simple rule. You get free alcohol and a fun time, all we ask in return is you dress in tropical print or colors.

Why do people have to disrespect all the people who put time and effort, and money into making this an awesome party, then turn around and say we’re the bad guys?

Aaarghhh!! :scream: