= Virus!

Hi - When I was visiting “” today which is where i usally go to have a look at style xp themes, a download box came up asking me to download “default.exe” (which i didnt download!) and while that pop up was up Nortans AntiVirus poped up saying nortans has removed a virus: picture below.

Im pretty sure that this cam from “” as I wasnt at any other website, my pc is VERY VERY VERY well protected from these sorts of things as i have the most update software and windows updates including SP2. I also have strong firewalls etc - my computer has pretty tight security.

Im not totally sure if it came from but as themexp does have alot of popups and also it containts alot of spyware when you download a theme so im assuming this is where it come from…

Oops heres the image:

Trojan downloader. If im correct don’t these sit dormant then try to download the Trojan in the background, whilst you don’t expect it.

I seem to get these flagged up all the time by my virus checker, they don’t seem to harm my pc but get cleared straight away by the virus software.

There seems to be loads of em floating around every where specially wares and crack sites! and basically any free download sites ive had a few when downloading themes I think it was “bridge.a dropper” or sum thing.

If Norton removed it I don’t think you will have a problem with it again, but don’t quote me on that.