These stubborn movie clips are getting the best of me! Help a girl out!

Hi, I created a page with a mc menu (called movie) that scrolls from side to side when your mouse rolls over it, however, it is STILL otherwise. Anyway, it worked great and looked great.

I decided that I wanted to make the entire page WITH the already made and working menu (movie) into one whole movieclip (called welcome), meaning movie clip within movieclip. I did that because I eventually wanted to make another movieclip with a bunch of movieclip images side by side. I have them masked and scrolling to the side on the main timeline when pushing a button…like this:

So, I made another movieclip with 4 images side by side and brought in the 5th image or page from the library (which is the welcome movieclip that has the menu (movie)movieclip in it). I want that to be my first page or image of the bunch. I am telling you this because, everything works as far as buttons and pages scrolling when pushed… EXCEPT my menu (movie), on the first page/image will not move when I put my mouse over it like it did before. The entire movieclip that is on the main timeline is called general and that contains the welcome mc, which contains the menu (movie) mc. So it is

welcome (the instance is named movie in this)
movie (the instance is named menu in this)

This is the code that I have…

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
if ((<=30) and (>=-30)) { += (((*-0.6);
if (>= 102) { = 102;
if (<=-230) { = -230;

I am thinking that its because its confused on the location and name. I am sure I don’t have it right. I am making my first flash site and the images that are scrolling like the tutorial above, will be the actual pages of my site. Which is why the first image, the welcome mc with a working scrolling menu, is so important. Can anyone help me?? THANKS SO MUCH!!


I <I>think</I> what’s going on here is that the pathnames are slightly off. If I understand correctly, menu is in movie which is in general? Is that right? In which case you’d need something like to target that clip…

I could well be misunderstanding the problem though. If you want to send me the .fla, the address is [email protected]. Or perhaps one of the forums’ resident gurus could sort it. :slight_smile:

Yeah, post your fla or your complete code on the forum, please.

pom :asian:

Tanks Kitiara! It actually worked! I was going to put up the flash file, but I decided to try it first! I appreciate both of you replying!!! Thanks so much!