This is great!

Not my site, but a great one anyway. My site is comming soon!! Any way the addy is This site has some awesome menus, and very quick load times on my cable modem. It should be the site of the week!!\r\rSorry the real link is [url=“”]\r\rTitrationX

The link wouldn’t work :frowning:

I believe he meant


That’s just great. The site detects I don’t have the plug-in, so it won’t let me in !! Don’t you just love Javascript ?\r\rpom 0]

Consider yourself lucky ily! It detecting my javascript and high-jacked my entire browser window and maxed it out! It would be nice site TitrationX - maybe it’s my personal taste, but I think you should get rid of the auto-maximize and just let it appear in a normal browser window. It wouldn’t deviate in any way, in my opinion, from your design.

Great Site!! This should be a SOTW!! I love everything about it!

No, wait ! It’s just Netscape that doesn’t have the plug-in. Explorer has it. Ouf.\r\rpom 0]

Sorry peeps. This isnt my site, its just a cool site I found that I think should be SOTW. My site is or just follow the signature below.\r\rP.S. Tell me what U think of my site.\r\rTitrationX