This is my story

Hello friends and strangers,

Some of you are soccer “phans” and will appreciate this more than others.

So I had two matches tonight. The first was an all out suck-fest and I will skip over it to the good story.

So it’s an indoor soccer match. You play hard and fast off the walls and physical.

I’ll go ahead and toot my own horn because by the end of the story I’ll shoot myself in the ***. I’m one of the better players in the league. In the first half I scored one goal and assisted 2. The score was 3-3 going into half time. With about 4 minutes to go I take a nice one bouncer and volley it hard into the goal. I’ve tied the game with a few minutes to go.

2 minutes on the clock now. I’m hauling balls around the feild. I really feel like if we’re gonna win it’s up to me… Loose ball in centerfield. I go sprinting for it and stop the ball and turn to go another way with it…

…pop-pop-pop, roll pop-pop crunch…

…So now I lay in the middle of the field writhing around like a fish out of water. Oh the pain…

So it’s too late to go to the hospital so I came home.

Here is what I’m dealing with:

Igone the veiny feet. Soccer cleats are very tight and I also tape them to make them tighter.

ouch!!! That really sucks :frowning: How long do you think you’ll be out for?

I still don’t know if I broke anything or just badly pulled something. You know the sound when you crack your knuckles and get several of them to crack. That’s what I heard… not felt… heard.

I can move my toes and move it around a little so I think things should be ok. Mayeb a few weeks.

Ouch, thant’s nasty… Ice. Lots of ice on it.

Worst football injury I eer had was when some utter moron ran his studs down my leg. That was absolute murder. :a:

Yeah cleats down the leg… that’ll leave a mark.

I’ve had many a’good injuries.

I was chasing down a ball with a defender in front of me and I was leaning on him, well I leaned to much and pushed him over. So while we are running and now falling his heel went right into my temple. That hurt a bit.

I was chasing… I need to stop chasing balls down… anyway and it was approaching the end line and I really needed to cut the shot to get it to goal. So I made the shot but took myself out in the porcess. Did a nice flip in the air and landed on my shoulder. Boke me collar bone on that one.

Man I love this sport.

And yes I got the ice on it. I did this medical test where you squeeze your calf to see if the bone is broken… it hurt… I think it is

Get it checked out would be my advice… If you try to do too much on it then it could just end up getting worse.

I’ve generally been pretty lucky as far as injuries go, the studs was the worst one. Never broken anything. Had a few sprained ankles, but that’s about it. :slight_smile: I play in a blokes team, and we’ve noticed that the opposition are usually less likely to tackle me in case they hurt me ( :sure: ) so injury isn’t that common. :stuck_out_tongue:

looks like you may have pulled/snapped a tendon, i did that jumping over a bush in a car park, my foot went 180 and so the top of my foot was on the floor whilst my leg was upright… i couldnt feel it…then i did, and i swore…alot, an i did the writhing in pain on the floor thing lol i did that in (i think) september 2002 and its still not feeling right…the doc said that if you rip/snap a tendon it takes longer to heal than a bone breakage…
so anyway i sympathise with you man, it really hurts, can you walk on it? and yes ice helps, alot of ice :slight_smile:


Yeah they are less likely to tackle you and more likely to “accidentally” run into you… Oh sorry boob touch boob touch sorry didn’t see you.

Mojo-jojo… that’s fun to say. Why is it the cool injury stories are never really cool? Jumping over a bush? j/k.

I’m not trying to walk on it. I’m laid up with ice on it. I’ll see the doctor in the morning… well it’s 2:30 am. I’ll see one in the afternoon.

Heh, yeah I suppose there is that. :stuck_out_tongue:

The trouble is when you get an opponent who has the opposite idea - “right she’s only a girl, let’s take her out, she shouldn’t be playing anyway”. :sure:

One bloke asked our manager if he wanted to borrow a player or two, since we didn’t seem to have enough as ‘someone’s girlfriend was having to play’. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hilarious. :slight_smile: Speaking of which, I like the new footer. :slight_smile:

I hope you showed that “someones girlfriend” could kick some arse.

Do you really get guys who want to take you out? I don’t see that happening often.

Thanks and I thought the footer was fitting.

Only one or two that I’ve come across. Thought it would be funny to try and cripplie the girlie. :sure: Most are fine, though there’s always going to be exceptions to the rule. :slight_smile:

First home game of the season for my beloved Gillingham tomorrow. :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to watching that. :beam:

Ok, good news from the x-rays.

Just a real bad sprain and some minor torn ligaments.

Doc says maybe 4 weeks before I will be able to run around.