This is probably a really dumb question

Okay, I may have a really dumb question. :h:

Most of you guys know, that I dont know anything about websites, flash and the only things I know about computers I learned from Fester because he was sick of fixing things I broke!

So, I am wondering-Is it possible for me to have internet access of some kind on a labtop while I am traveling from here to colordao on a coach bus? I am going on tour with a drum corps (long story) and leave the week of democratic convention here in Boston. I originally was suppossed to work remotely from home because I can not get into the city but, figured if I could work on the bus out to colorado I could not have to use my vacation time, still work and save the money from having to fly out straight to colorado and miss the first week of their tour?

Is it wishful thinking or is there something I can buy or sign up for to be able to connect remotely to work, I have internet on my cell phone but my bill would be 9 billion dollars and I would never get any work done on that little screen??

Any Ideas??

Thanks Guys