This is probably a really dumb question

Okay, I may have a really dumb question. :h:

Most of you guys know, that I dont know anything about websites, flash and the only things I know about computers I learned from Fester because he was sick of fixing things I broke!

So, I am wondering-Is it possible for me to have internet access of some kind on a labtop while I am traveling from here to colordao on a coach bus? I am going on tour with a drum corps (long story) and leave the week of democratic convention here in Boston. I originally was suppossed to work remotely from home because I can not get into the city but, figured if I could work on the bus out to colorado I could not have to use my vacation time, still work and save the money from having to fly out straight to colorado and miss the first week of their tour?

Is it wishful thinking or is there something I can buy or sign up for to be able to connect remotely to work, I have internet on my cell phone but my bill would be 9 billion dollars and I would never get any work done on that little screen??

Any Ideas??

Thanks Guys

you could get satillite internet for a couple of days and use it, but that’s not very reasonable, but I don’t know of anything else

a few cellphone companies make PCMCIA (or whatever it is) cards that work as recievers, and some can hook into cellphones. I know sprint makes one, I dont know which of the other companies also does this. I assume it wouldnt be so cheap either.

a few cellphone companies make PCMCIA (or whatever it is) cards that work as recievers, and some can hook into cellphones. I know sprint makes one, I dont know which of the other companies also does this. I assume it wouldnt be so cheap either.

Well if there was WI-FI internet on the bus (which I doubt there is considering they are just introducing them on airplanes) then you could simply purchase a card and your good to go.

If you are staying at a hotel then you could use dial up or pay for the T1 that most hotels provide. If you know where your going to be stopping along the way you could also check out:

To see if you can work at hotspots between breaks. Its going to be tough for you considering your at the mercy of the bus driver.

There is always the cellphone internet option but it will certainly cost you far more to use than you would make working from the road.

Good luck.

oh yeah, I totally blanked out about cell phones, you can use it as a modem I think, or get a special type of phone and put it in the pci card slot in your computer I think, that looks fun

hey fester, i know you live in boston, do you know of any good free WI-FI spots? I know about the bunch on newbury st, thats it.

Hmmm…well Hotels are out of the question…Fester, Its drum corps…It will be gym floors for two weeks; Is there something I can plug into my cell phone like a phone jack at home and have a dial up connection or am I just amking up something that doesnt exsist?

as I said before, check out these:

moncreyweasel - Basically anywhere on Federal, High or Tremont street. Almost every cafe, coffee shop and restaurant has WI-FI. Its pretty cool.

Re- It totally depends on what phone model and service you have. If you have a fairly recent phone you probably can.

What Model, Service, Carrier?

The carrier shouldnt matter, just so long as you have like no roaming or whatever, you can dial up to dialup using your cell phone as a modem. If you have a phone capable of it that is. When I last looked, the adaptor for my phone was like 80 bucks.

I still have AT&T, same plan you used to have that we tried to get me on forever. The phone is samsung x426…It can go on the internet I just dont use it…It has the little button in the middle for m life dont know what that is.

I am technologically retarded!!

My co-worker used a Sony Cliqe PDA from Japan and his cell phone which is a Sony Erricson T616. Anyways, both had bluetooth capabilities and he could access the internet from his PDA at work. If your laptop and cellphone has bluetooth, you could access the internet anywhere, although connection would probably suck.

The only thing I could find that will work with that model phone is really not what your looking for.


It only lets you transfer text data to your phone via a cable, but has nothing to do with internet connection.

Maybe you can call AT&T or stop by a wireless store to see if they have any options for you.

Good luck :beam:

could I put anything on my palm pilot that would work??

Thanks for the ideas…Think I might be out of luck though!

Your only real legitimate option like they said are wi-fi spots as you travel and the occasional hotel that offers free high speed internet.

I looked into that too. The model CLIÉ handheld you have does not have anything either

I really cant think of anything else. :frowning:

Hmmm…maybe all the places we stop will have phone jacks that work, can I just plug a into a phone jack and then go through aol even though I hate it; the labtop is my moms and she only uses aolso I know it at least on the machine??

Looks like I might be booking a flight to colorado instead and coming into Boston the week of the convention.

I know the DNC seriously ruins your chances of getting to your work. I still cant believe they are shutting down 93 from 95 all the way into the fleet center.

Just so that loser Kerry can have a pep rally.

Well chances are that you will be able to find a phone jack, but the problem might be the speed to connect to your systems at work. There is no whay you will be able to remote administer your machine via dialup.

But you should still be able to do enough work to get away with not using vacation time :wink: