This Person Does Not Exist


Realistic computer generated people. Now we can make unique silicon masks for the robots. The site presents a random, computer generated photo of a fictional person.

Refresh the page each time for a new face.

I kept clicking, thinking I would find @Kirupa, @senocular, @krilnon, on someone, but apparently they all exist.



Need some way of having your face in there and then every time a random face is generated, it can tell you how much that rando matches you. Once you get a good enough match, have them take over your life and you retire!

Edit: I tried. It was not close

And that growth on the side of my face is concerning…


Haha what! You’re crazy. It’s an Exact match to you in every possible way.

However seeing the 1990 movie dark man leads me to believe you’re about to melt, or, the clone is starting to melt…or…

Oh no I’ve already lost track, we’re going to have to shoot you both


I keep clicking hoping to find my likeness, so I can file a lawsuit.

My lawyer is top notch.


Great discussion here about it, including examples of a few impressive similar things.


I’m sort of obsessed with this website right now. It’s interesting you don’t notice at first the background is pretty much generated nonsense as well


I have seen some weird backgrounds - definitely some malformed version of real-life backgrounds. I wonder how big their dataset is. It’s probably in that link but I don’t feel like finding it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Lizard people are real!


Maybe they can start a stock site like this one. Using fake people . :wink:

@senocular do these anomalies occur frequently as I cant seem the find them like you. Are you writing a script to auto refresh, download the images and create twitter bots? :–)

I think we have been teetering towards illogical reality for a while, a reality that is not easily deciphered in daily lives. This face compiler is interesting, I am sure the deepfake video makers will put it to use. You could map entire crowds of fake people.

I was previously unaware that they have F16’s converted to drones. Talking to an aviation friend today, wow I never knew that.

This AI, machine, deep learning, data science stuff is going bonkers. I’m somewhat horrified yet intrigued where all these things are headed. In the meantime there are some really interesting things being developed.

[[ I hope I edited the above photo enough for it to pass the grade. ]]

:thinking: :wink:


I’ve only gone through about 15 faces. For some reason the anomalies like me. Let me run through a few more, bumping that up to 20 and see if anything jumps out…

I did 6, with the last one being the only one with something odd - another face. I’ve seen this 2 or 3 times before too, some more mangled than others. This one’s not bad

On the note of AI/ML, I was at an internal conference recently and it was surprising (though, not really) how much everything is going the AI/ML route now. Its like everyone’s given up on advancing tech anywhere but through this route.


Hmmm… what you folks up to internally? :smile:


Sensei all the things! image


Yeah I kind of forgot about that.

I remember seeing a few years back that Adobe was gonna use AI to create a web builder. Is Spark the culmination of those two years?

Should we expect all Adobe products soon to be just a string input with a single button, or voice command input, yielding AI generated content across all mediums. :slight_smile:

In all seriousness are you participating with AI/ML in your current role?


Nope. Web builders are kind of passé now. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t say “soon”, but its kind of heading that way. Each team is kind of doing their own initiatives for integrating this kind of stuff, and some products have it already, others will be getting something likely soon. Lots going on, in AI, ML, and voice. Spark specifically is trying to keep things simple, but its not targeting the creative pros most of the other apps are. But I have seen some pretty cool voice demos though, where the “single button” (i.e. listen to my voice) UI is starting to look more promising. Practically holodeck level stuff.

No, not me. I’m still doing menial tasks like improving internationalization support. Spark Post, however, has some ML stuff going on. You wouldn’t think it looking at what it does, but there are hidden treats in there for determining layouts and other weird stuff like that. It’s no not-a-real-person face generation, but interesting tech in its own right.


At Adobe or otherwise? I feel like in general more apps spawn all the time.

From what I have read many Dreamweaver users may feel it is heading towards a single button ever since past CS6. Seems many think its now a shell of what it once was.

In that (excerpt) regard, I really wish Adobe product teams would have worked together better over the years across apps. But I suspect that ideal is too far gone at this point. Or maybe its improving?

Yeah I noticed that, seems more for the masses, integration across social, etc. I think its a good idea in that regard. But there seems to be voids across Adobe web products regarding pros.

Ha, ha cool.

You used to do some awesome side stuff in the Flash days what does your imagination conjure up on your own time nowadays?


This one started to speak “beep beep…killllll meeeeee, dot matrix printer noise”


At Adobe. There have been some initiatives, but they all end up going nowhere.

I think the need is seen, but its really hard to coordinate. There are a lot of teams, a lot of people working on those teams, across many countries, and often working in really old, difficult codebases. Spark is fairly new and coordination there - even though the apps are all under the same umbrella with teams fairly close to one another - is quite bad. Its understood, and people want it to be better, but other priorities keep getting in the way.

Nothing. :frowning: I end up spending too much time in front of the computer for work so I end up ignoring any ideas I might end up possibly pursuing on my own (like a new card game). :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah it’s going to be a problem. It’s going to be a problem for them. It’s outrageous. Egregious. Preposterous.


So another acquisition coming down the pipes again? Or Adobe is giving up and exiting the web in those capacities ?

Yikes, that sounded like the perfect chance for change.

I hear ya, but you got mad silly skills so thats a shame.


Ha ha, giddy up!


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Someone made a sketch plugin.