This wont win any awards

As it was my first site and i only had 2 days to get it up and running.

what do you all think?

Id like to see other sites done in 14 hours. Seems as if you have to work on a site weeks to get anywhere now!

since this is your site it should go in showcase and critiques… this is not the right thing to put in kool sites… on the other hand… the preloader… dont make it a gradient… use photoshop… and your logo needs a lotta work… but nice site.

what logo?

hehe… the plain… red… bold… text…

ooo//it sux!

And you can make something better? Where’s your site Mr. Arrogant.

22 comon. Don’t say it sucks, he gave it a try. Within a little more practice he could probably make a really good logo.

Encourage my friend, don’t discourage ;).

sorry dudes, it just that “they” are calling it a logo, but to me, it looks like text.(not much of a logo)

naja this windows scroller is boring…

wtf are you talking about?:puzzle:

Looks pretty good, clean at least. Obviously not the best but it serves its purpose without sucking at it.

I think the orange elements (the two bars and the text at the top) stand out a little much - maybe texture the bars to fit with the central gray area. As for the top text, perhaps if you used black or a grey inset style (applied to the text) to fit above the white highlight of the bar it’s on, it would be a bit more seamless and conforming to the style for the main areas.

The scrolling effect with momentum, as it always has been (on the sites i’ve seen), is a bit laggy, but it’s tolerable.

Perhaps also you could add in the code that restricts the menu bar stuff so you can’t zoom in, etc.

The image previews under recent projects may benefit from some sort of border or shadow to give more definition and add contrast against the background texture.

Actually, what fps is the movie running at? maybe that’s what’s causing the low fps on the scroller.

Took me a while to figure out that there’s music available.

Perhaps you should change the scroll bar’s style to something more in the metal style of the background panel.


I perfectly agree that that “logo” could use some effects. Sometimes logos are just text. Take mediatemple for example. The best text logo I’ve seen in the internet. They make it look nice because its simple and stands for them.

But this one is a whole word and looks sort of like it can use some manipulation.

“It sux” is the wrong way to go though ;).

That site definitely doesn’t suck and I’d say you did an awesome job for your first attempt.

I really like the photos you used. Are they stock or your own?

honestly the “menu>>>” animation is very annoying, i don’t know if anyone else shares the same feeling(I didn’t read throught the posts, i don’t have much time on my hand)!
hey that is one-hell-of-a-job in 2 days, i couldn’t do half :wink:

with more work and effort this will most likely be a pleasing site!

Yeh its by him. The layout edges are still a bit edgy. Theres this white vertical line on the left that doesnt lead any where? With flash360, go a bit easy on the dropshadow. The scollbars a bit bland so change the color or actual interface. See how the intro text is aligned to the left? Move it across 1 or 2px. The copyright text should stay smaller and it should be arial 10 or in DW, arial 1px. Its a really good start and i did like that virtual tour :wink: I guess the next stage should be working on a cool logo to compliment the text.

I think it does it’s job pretty much 100%. Couldnt have done better myslef in 2 days and would be impressed to see much better. There is nothing special about it, and its slightly scrappy in places. But, it is a very nice site overall, and if i was a customer looking for a 360 view thingy I wouldnt notice any of the badly designed bits myself. No way would i say any of it sucked, simply that it wasnt brilliant. Nicely done.

Well thanks for the points - good and bad! I will sort the logo/text out when i have time (you know how it is) The photos are mine not stock - this is what I do not design.

Considering I was driving a tractor for a living a couple of months ago - I am happy with the results - I realise there is plenty to improve on but its not a hobby so I wont spend hours getting things perfect because I can pay myself!

As long as it does the job.

the site seemed very slow to me - the animations in particular. Also I know many people wouldn’t know this, but I’ll put my neck on the line and say that most people from kirupaforums would recognise the mp3 player from flashkit.

think you need to take this site back to the design stage, you have all the content but I think graphically the site lacks.

with a bit more work the site will be a lot better.