This's my web. and a few works by Art/Design/sculpture/CG/

Please give me some advice.THX!
Oh,the web used chinese language. but the graphic no problems.

its aiight… i am not a big fan of fat lady pics… i know why artists draw them… curves and all… but **** its ugly no matter how good u are =]

i would try to do more with the backgrounds… a contrast between the character and the background… shade out the background lightly or something. all in all they look realistic… but not artistic… its a fine line but must be crossed in order to get ahead. for an example… look here kinda big [800 or so k]

and the revised: [much smaller size 200 or so k]

the difference is not what you are loooking for but an idea none the less. i loved teh clean look but a graphic design touch was to be had. simply making the character stand out will up the value alot.

btw the cg section was kewl… too fuzzy though… in airbrushing the main thing to keep aware of is masking. my father owns a very good airbrush company called airplay and he makes alot of money doing it… but the main point is for large projects worth time… fuzzyness is kewl but EDGES should be sharper… if u got a wacom board… just lower teh airbrush head size… easily done… i saw a few relly nice ones… the rest were great but fuzzy.

sorry if i sound like i am ripping your art apart =] this is how my art got to be the way it is…

BTW… i am not good at graphic design yet so i fail to get the good ideas i have across like edwin can. and edwin… i finally got your portfolio to pop up on… for anyoen that cant download nor can they view the thumbnails read a post in news called removing red something internet thingy =]

i dont remember… its that stupid test program they got that pops up to be downloaded. it doesnt work. anyways… i figured it out. and i love the wallpapers… MAKE MORE FLASH ONES. i had no idea you could make those flashed and let your background have animations… thats kewl as hell. could u make flashed things with links on them too? like a link to c:/windows/desktop/kazaa or some crap? i would be delighted to hear about that.

Cink= You my friend are amazing. I need to practice drawing realism since its a big part of ART. i love the way your art is tasteful manner.

ICU= Kewl, im glad it worked thanx for umm finding my art cool. and i think you can launch appz. i’ll have to experiment and see…i think you can put shortcuts in the same folder the SWF is in and then use the get Url to call them up. like " kazza.exe".