Thoriphes- Bubble Movie

hi upuaut8,
i’m not really sure but i believe you’re the author of that bubble movie that was showcased in one of the postings here like a month or two ago. i’m just wondering if you’re gonna make a tutorial on that one. we’ll all be glad to make a very fine movie like that. showed it to my two-year old niece and she was extremely delighted. she even tried to touch 'em. of course my monitor became messy with fingerprints afterwards.LOL.

<<edited the header only, to give Thoriphes credit where credit is due…:wink: >>

Hey sidky76,
That animation was created by thoripes, and he is currently using it as his footer. I believe that thoripes mentioned that he used sin (the trig function) to create the movement. I wouldn’t mind hosting a tutorial on it if thoripes is interested :wink:


is there any where we can go for a quick look into the trig function itself or do we need to just harrass thoriphes untill he breaks?

is thoripes still around?
i haven’t got to see him post a message lately.

yes i’m still here, just really busy cause of school and all…senior HS is a ******! anywho…i try to answer what i can, but i really don’t have time to post to everything like i did over the summer :slight_smile:

anyway, sure i’ll put up a tutorial soon on the bubbles. the random letter cycling was a big hit as many people e-mailed me about it, so i think a bubbles one would be good as well!

oh and btw…the url for that movie is here:…bbles!.swf
just in case you wanna see it again.

Nice movie indeed

since you mentioned about it, i modified the code to come up with a random number cycling. the code went like

onClipEvent (load) {
go = true;
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
if (go) {
x = random(9);
this.number2 = x;

when i publish the movie as an exe the cycling would work but it won’t work when the movie is published as swf. any idea?

Ahh… my reputation is thoroughly unwarrented… Thoriphes is DA MAN!! along with a few others around here. I am but a grasshopper. :wink:

Glad you got the info though… I was going to ask about the math on that one as well. Thanks for the link Thoriphes… I’ll be doing that tut myself.

first off, you should random(10) since it goes through the numbers 0-9. 10 is max and the number it won’t do. ex: random(20) will do 0-19.

anyway, is x a dynamic text? if so, is the button in text options that has “123” clicked?

that should fix your problem.

ps, when i first came to this forum, i was just like all of you: curious of what flash can do. i just experimented, copied some code, understood it (eventually), then became what i am now. upuaut8 and everybody else, your help is always appreciated here.

i think my flash program has an attitude problem. LOL.
i was about to try your remedy when i opted to try publishing the movie as swf again. but this time the random cycling worked! and without me editing anything yet. nevertheless i took your suggestion on the random(10).

btw, since i’m already on it, how do i set the formatting of a the displayed dynamic number (note: i post this question on another thread)? say, i want a specific number of digits displayed for a counter that goes from 000001 to 999999. is there a command/code in flash which will enable me to fix the number of displayed digits?

i know this will be too much but if you guys can direct me to a tutorial on how to format a dynamic text/number into something that works like a timer instead of just plain counting (something that counts by sixtys, e.g. 00:01:59 is followed by 00:02:00) i would greatly appreciate it.

thanks again guys.

of course everyone here knows upuaut8 is one of the great minds here. u should see the flash on my welcome page it was inspired by your footer.

my best suggestion would be to make several dynamic texts with a normal text (":") in between the hour/min/secs. and to format the text, first make the field big enough, then give it an adjustment (under paragraph tab of text).

The DNA-like animation is really cool thoriphes. Btw, I do apologize for having misspelled your name. It is spelled thoriphes instead of thoripes :slight_smile: