just wanted to let you guys know, i applied for a job at 2advanced, but they turned me down. good news is, they said they’ll keep my name on file. sigh



Sorry to hear that thoriphes… well they are really good, you have to expect that it aint easy to get in on.

I work at McDonalds. I have no chance of advancement, and where I’m from I can’t get work anywhere else. Also, I can’t move yet, as I don’t have enough money. I’m sorry you got turned down. I keep getting turned down from everything i apply to because there are no jobs in my area…nothing…zip…nada…nothin’ but keep your hopes up…:slight_smile:

I live in michigan… near detroit… motor capital of the world and now FIRING capital of the world… layoffs left and right because of motor industry…

My car broke today… and my job(s) suck. as long as you have SOMETHING to work at you are alright in my eyes… keep good credit… save your money and good luck.

Hey ICU-
Long time no see. Or as the fisherman said as he dropped his watch into the sea…Long sea, no time. Doh!


lol, pj love your humor. i can almost hear you posting this as you read it to yourself. :slight_smile: