Throw Stones at Jubba! Do your worst!

Yes, I know there is a forum specified for this, but I am posting it here, because I really only want the opinions of the people that view this forum. For some reason, it seems as though the newbies (to Kirupa’s forums) stay away from the Random forum. They must be anti-social.\r\rAnywho- Click here\r\rLet me give you a little background. The grey part is going to be an image that the owner is creating and a different one will be loaded in with each new section that is loaded. There is no music yet, but the Equilizer is going, just to see the animation. You can turn that on and off. He really wanted a hidden menu, and that thing at the top is going to be it, but I haven’t created the buttons yet. The brown box on the left is going to be the text box. I still have to make a scroll bar. Tell me what you think, I’m curious. This is pretty much what the owner told me he wanted…\r\rAny ideas to improve on what I already have? I’m open for suggestions.\r\r\r[I added another SWF. The second one has a different equilizer. I dont’ like the white things, but Do you like the back of the equilizer better? with the lines and such?]\r

I like it. The hidden menu comes out a little bit easily, but other than that (and the colors, which, to be honnest, I don’t adore (but I don’t dislike either)) it’s cool. Wait and see.\r\rpom 0]

what exactly do you mean that it comes out a bit easily? do you think it should come out slower?

Jubba-\r I like the menu-looks fine with spped as far as im concerned. I agree w/Pom about the colors though-the grey grey and blue grey were much better-but I don’t abhor it either, the colors. Web is looking nice!\r\rpj\r:p \rOh ya, you wanted me to ctritique ‘you’\rok, your an upside down person! :lol: jk\r

Thanks. Hopefully once he gets those images it will start to look better and I’ll be able to create the different sections. He really wanted those colors so those are what i have to go with…

I meant that if you get close to the menu, it will come out, it you roll over it will come out, it you move past the menu, it will remain out. That’s what I mean.\r\rAnd about criticizing you, I’d say that you don’t like French people, which, in itself, is a big flaw. Sorry to have to be so frank. :stuck_out_tongue: \r\rpom 0]

I see. Thanks for the input. I’ll come up with some smart remarks about your “critiques” later. I’m off to pay a visit to a few ex-g/fs…wish me luck…

I like the phrench people! Theres two! You and Eyezberg! :lol: \r\rpj\r:p \rthe tongue hanging out is my new trademark.dont infringe pal! I already lost my little sherlock mask fella to upside down boy…

Hey Phil, how about a little game ?\r\\r\rpom 0]

Pom-\r I spent about 20 minutes at that site twirling around in endless circles and bumbing onto stuff. What a blast! :rollin: \r\rI loved it! How long do you think it would take to make something like that anyways?\rpj\r:p

Dunno… I’ve met the guy who did that, and he was actually selling his multiplayer thing. Hey, I’m going there too, meet me and I’ll kick your ass !!\r\rpom 0]

Pom-\r Wanna read something funny as heck-go to the Princess Bride and see my post I just left–this is a riot!\r\rpj\r:lol: \rthat game was a blast…/test.html\r\rcheck it out again, I changed some things, actually added an image to the background, and took out the equilizer…i decided to change directions on the sound side of things… let me know what you think!

Don’t stop hunh? Ok, Honestly, I do not like this. Don’t hate it. but it is hard on my eyes. That orange and Red just blaze nad blare…It goes against what we are al taught in media classes about colors. This is something you need to talk to him about because those other colors, grey/grey blue/grey weren’t hard on my eyes, They were appealing. Soft. It’s kind of like going to an alien site, where it is an al black background with internet green print and stars in the bacground. I love what you have done with the imaging, it’s great! Just way alot the wrong color. You don’t want people to want to jump off your screen in order to give their eyes and brain a rest, you want them to stay and poke around. Remember the basics; Usability. Enjoyability. Too dark, kind of opressive. IMO. But YOU asked me to criticise-so there! :lol: \r\rpj\r:p


Mucho mucho better, Jubba. I don’t agree with Phil, I kinda like the colors, and the design is really taking shape. Nice menu-fixing too. I like the footer, the background image, but first : WTH is the eagle doing here ? And that brown line going across the screen, I don’t know, you should try and find something else.\r\rBut it’s really taking shape.\r\rpom 0]

The brown line will be something else. The eagle is the Logo for Requiem, and its the image that is on the first boards.\r\rJubba\r:p \r\rhahaha Phil! I stole this one too!!! j/k :lol:

I have a great picture you can use and would look good blended into the orange morrass that Pommy likes. It is an american Flag with a Nazi symbol where the stars should be; Check it out, it will blend right in! :lol: \r\r


\r\rpj\r:) \rGet that NetVac out!

Creepy. :frowning: \r\rpom 0]

yeah that is a little sketchy Phil…