Time Off

Was working on a new image… it is the second attempt at composite backgrounds… the first one was really bad… but I am pleased witht the way this one came out… hope ya like

That is tight looking. I like 3d things that feel like there is more. Like a world around it. and that felt good… like a full body massage.


I’d say less of a full body massage, but more of a Tibetan clay body wrap. Love the mistyness over the sky. i think that makes it.

Thanx saru… I did a prior render with this image and made it a clear image, but the first impressions were not favorable so I did a rerender and fuzzed it out a bit… glad you like…:smiley:

grassi flash… glad you dig it…

Wow that is some very nice work I love as flashfish said the mistyness in the picture.

That’s really coold dude. Haven’t talked to you in a long time.
The only that’s bugging me is the way the pillars meet the ceiling, it looks like it should match up a bit more. Other than that it looks super awesome.

Yea I agree with 28 about the columns.

Very Cool Work!

thanx yall, I thought about the columns early on… even the wife agrees with you 28… but I let the arches rest flat… looked more solid (sturdy) from a builders aspect… glad you all dig it tho…
got another scene in progress I’ll post it when I finish…