Time's Person of the Year: American Soldiers

“For uncommon skills and service, for the choices each one of them has made and the ones still ahead, for the challenge of defending not only our freedoms but those barely stirring half a world away, the American soldier is TIME’s Person of the Year.”

Agree/ Disagree? Was it inevitable…?

I stopped caring about Time’s Person of the Year when they gave the award to the Ayatollah Khomeni …




HELLO! Thats more than one person :sure:

Time did feature Andy Grove as it’s Person of the Year, so that partially redeems it in my view (note that I said partially) :smiley:

Their best people of the past 100 years series for the year 2000 was decent though.

I stopped carring when I relaised they named Stalin man of the year…

Both Hitler and Stalin were amazing leaders. They accomplished a great deal in their reign despite their less than favorable resources and the condition of their countries. This doesn’t make them good people, but they should be recognized for that. “Person of the Year” doesn’t necessarily mean “Nicest Fun-loving Person of the Year.” Some of the greatest people of our time (and our forefathers time) are (and were) quite evil :evil:

When you name them person of the year, you praise them…

Well, I mean, if it wasn’t for Hitler, winning WW2 would probobly be alot harder… and if it wasn’t for Stalin, well… more commies would be alive today, and thats not good.

Honestly Stalin was the worst leader, he did not know economics from his arse and he couldnt command an army out of a wet paper bag…

Hitler, was a great speaker… and thats pretty much it. all the economics success he had dissapeared as soon as things got bad, and the economics sucsess they had very little to do with hitler himself. Military wise, if Hitler had left the war to his Generals, we might all be speaking german today.

And lets not forget how many people they butchered… ?

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**Their best people of the past 100 years series for the year 2000 was decent though. **

Yes, the section on Teddy Roosevelt was AMAZING. He gets my vote for person of the century. He did more in terms of economic development and national parks conservation than anyone will ever accomplish.

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**Who cares what the hyper liberal editors of Time magazine think?

pj :stuck_out_tongue: **
I agree with Phil on this one

From what I hear, Times seems to have very conservative editors…

I don’t know - for the most part, most of the large scale news magazines are quite liberal. With that said, that does not mean they are bad magazines. They are excellent and the information they provide is top-notch. It may be skewed to the liberal side of issues, but it’s also good to know what liberals think also :inc:

Yeah, from what I hear, most Journalist are liberals… bad or good, or maybe its just for the type of job it is… But I am talking about the editors… and newsweek, has more liberal editors… I dunno… I think the conservative/liberal split is pretty dumb… but hey thats just me…