Tiny fonts problem

I have problems using sub8 point fonts in flash.they appear blurred and the holes in letters o,p,q.etc.are filled.why is this?
can anybody help me?.

Hi rdiaz,
I’m not sure if I understand you properly but try switching between “normal” “superscript” and “subscript” on your characters panel to see if this helps:bandit:

Not all pixel fonts were made for Flash. Some are made for Photoshop.

The ones that are made for Flash are true pixel fonts. Where each pixel that builds the letter lands on an exact pixel on the canvas. Photoshop pixel fonts are sometimes off a little. This causes distortion in Flash since Flash requires exact pixels.

It could also possibly be the location of your textbox. Select your text box and open the properties window (CTRL+F3), then check the X and Y locations of the box. Make sure they are whole numbers and not decimal (140.0, 100.0 not 140.4, 100.4).

Or it could be that you have it set to “Static Text” in the properties. Try setting it to “Dynamic Text” and see how everything looks.

Hope this helps:)

Hey beta,
Do you know where I can find some good Flash Pixel Fonts for free?

My favorite pixel font site is…


and another site that has excellent fonts (including some pixel fonts) is…


Hope they help:)

Not all the ones at 04 are Flash pixel fonts, but some of them do work. And I never tested the ones at aenigma in Flash, so I don’t know how they work.

Thanks alot for the quick and helpful reply! I’m very grateful=)

No problem. I am glad I could help:)