To Many Picturs, Load Time Slow!

I designed a flash website that I mainly use as a photo gallery. It is up and working fine, but the only problem is, that it takes forever to load. Some people that I know who still us a 56k connection take about 15min for it to load. Is there any way I can just have the basic flash page load with thumbnails, and then have the pictures (when selected) load individually. I know how to do this by opening the files in a new window, but I don’t want to do this, I want them to be embedded in the flash movie I am already running. Can someone please help!

the loadMovie(); method will allow you to load swf’s into any movie clip that is inside an swf.

The idea of loading jpg’s directly from a server is possible as well. This is a little more fancy than I’m able to describe. I believe that there is a post specificaly on that in the “best of Kirupa” forum. If I see it I’ll post a link here, but it shouldn’t be hard to find.

And there my tute, that nobody seems to want to check :slight_smile:

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