Homer Simpson is not a guy people want to emulate. “D’oh!” is his most-used expression, and with good reason. His endeavors tend to go horribly, horribly wrong.

Nevertheless, Rob Baur of Lake Oswego, Oregon, dreamed of bringing to life his favorite The Simpsons episode, one from 1999 in which Homer grows “tomacco,” a combination tomato-tobacco plant. Even though it tastes foul and has a brown, gooey center, the entire town becomes addicted to the fruit after one bite, and Homer gets rich.

good read :thumb: kinda cool the way he brought something form the simpsons to life :smiley:

The Simpsons the family of the future lets all learn from them

What does this guy mean noone wants to emulate homer?

I would love to be homer.

I would be very happy if when im older I have a house, wife relitivly good kids and I am drunk stupid and have fun all the time.

that guy is my hero.

I could see fester doing the skittlebrau experiments:



I dont like sugar and candy. I am salt guy.

How about beef-jerky-abrew

does no one care about htis science break through? think about it… the plant bloomed and produced fruit!

Yeah? Your point? It’s tomacco… Yes it’s cool… A hybrid plant… But unfortunately I do believe it’s useless… Growing tomatos with nicotine is bringing disgrace to an awesome “fruit veggie”

just dont eat the tommaco sauce :stuck_out_tongue: lol shesh we could all be addicted to food in the near future. maybe this is what america is coming to, this is why we are getting fat. Tommacos!

one word mdipi, exercise

ha i do. 4 sports a year.

If exercise really was a result… Would we have fat people in America…? NOOOO

I work at a GNC… I’ve seent he people that come in…

“I want a miracle fat-loss pill”
-Umm we don’t seell those… All these you have to get on some sort of diet and start semi excercising.
"**** that… Stupid **** anyways… Imma go eat a big hamburger and fries and GET FATTER."

G’**** people… hehe

Ohh… Addictive breakfast cereals… NOW your thinkin philbert… What a way to rule the wor… I mean… food market whistles