well here’s thing i hadn’t thought of before when making a flash site…

When making transitions:

If I want a main swf with a menu in it, and then having the different menu buttons call an external swf (loadmovie, i know it), and then have transitions too, how?

let’s say im on “home” and i want to go to “tutorials”… If i press “tutorials” in the menu, it has to play a transition to “tutorials”, which would be a MC in “home”, then open tutorials.swf after playing the Mc in “home” (are u with me?)… how do u tell the mc to go to “tutorials” after playing that? I mean, there are other menu buttons as well? the menu mc is in the main swf…

Depends on the theme of your site - post a link to what you have so far. A suggestion by someone may not be appropriate for your site. Btw, i’ve done a tile based version of the good old maze game - I’ll put it up on my site when I can.

Oki I’ll check whenever i can :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t have a site up just yet, this is purely theoretical.

check out no-tec’s site in site of the week. Wherever he is on external swf’s (if he uses them), then when he presses a menu button below, the open swf plays those “tentacle” things coming out, the it jumps to the swf corresponding to the subject chosen in the menu. How can u tell it to jump to a certain swf?


If u are on home and press tuts, u go to tuts, but if u press info, u go to info. but BEFORE going to either info or tuts, home plays a mc. and then goes to whatever u chose… how?

Come with an original animation while each swf loads, instead of, or with a normal preloader.

Just an animation some frames/scene before the main content.

I dunno what you mean… :-\

When you click on home, for example, home.swf loads. In the beginning of the swf, for a few frames, or in the first scene - play a funky intro as your preloader animation.

The animation would be dependent on your site. I’m no graphics artist, but I’ll try and do an example.