I know that to make a background transparent you insert the code param NAME=“wmode” Value="Transparent into the html file.
But is there a way of making the white parts of an image you import into the file transparent. For example if i imported a jpeg image of a circle onto the stage, the area around the circle would be a white background. Is there a way of getting rid of this?


Use png or gif with transparent background instead of gif

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**Use png or gif with transparent background instead of gif **

Ummm, I think you meant instead of jpg.

I usually use .png images, but .gif images work too. But eyezburg already said that, so yeah…

The images that i am using are often from other websites and already saved as .jpg, is there a way to convert the files to .gif for example so that these outlines are no longer there?

Well if they are already .jpg images, they have no tranparency, so you can’t change that unless you edit it in photoshop and cut our the areas you want to be transparent and save it as a .gif or .png.

If these images are copywrited, this is illegal, so I don’t recommend or endorse this.